Click to enlargeThe Wealth Of Madrid - 4 Coin Set of Historical Replicas

This Historical Replica Set, The Wealth of Madrid, presents four examples of silver coins struck by Spain between 1522 and 1776!

Coins such as these were used to finance its economies, wars, and colonial adventures. These were legal tender in our earliest American colonies.

In this historic replica set, you will find:

* The first coin is a replica 1702 Silver Eight Reale cob of Potosi, Bolivia.

* The second coin is a 1590, Eight Reale Silver replica coin of Phillip II.

* The third replica coin is a 1741 Silver Eight Reale coin struck in Mexico City.

* The fourth Eight Reale Silver replica shows the portrait of King Carlos III.

The Spanish silver dollar was accepted in the United States as legal tender until 1857.

This Historical Replica Set includes four (4) double-sided Replica coins!

These coins are made of high-quality lead free pewter in the USA. Each coin is marked "COPY" on the  reverse as required by the Hobby Protection Act. Comes attached to a 5" x 7" Informational Card.

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The Wealth Of Madrid - 4 Coin Set of Historical Replicas