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To pay for troops engaged in wars against Sicily's Greek states, Carthage minted a large number of silver Tetradrachms for two centuries. The coinage is called Siculo-Punic coinage. Much of its coinage was derived from Greek prototypes made in Syracuse.

1. Carthaginian Silver Tetradrachm of Early 4th Century BCE.

2. Carthaginian Silver Tetradrachm Mid 4th Century BCE.

3. Carthaginian Silver Tetradrachm 350 BCE to 325 BCE.

4. Carthaginian Gold Didrachm 280 BCE to 270 BCE.

5. Carthaginian Silver Deckadrachm of Dido 270 BCE to 260 BCE.

* Our Frames come with Easel to display on your Desktop or Shelf, or they can be Hung on your Wall.

* Coins are attached via removable glue dots and protected by a clear glass cover.

* Comes in a 5" x 7" display frame

* Select from Your Choice of 5 Different Frames

* All replica coins are double-sided and made of lead-free pewter

* Coins are marked "copy" on one side to conform to the Hobby Protection Act

* Made in the USA

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Siculo-Punic Coinage 5 Coin Set of Historical Replicas in 5" x 7" Frame
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