Click to enlargeRaising The Flag Historic 3 Coin State Quarter Collection

Historically, there are only a few famous photos that represent America’s greatest accomplishments and its path to freedom and the American way.

This incredible coin set features three legal tender U.S. State Quarters that were struck by the U.S. Mint, then privately colorized with images of the famous “Raising the Flag” photos.

Virginia State Quarter – Arlington, VA is the place where the Iwo Jima statue stands as it depicts one of the most famous incidents of World War II, where US Soldiers where Raising the Flag.

Ohio State Quarter – On July 1969, the United States sent the first man to walk on the moon. Once on the moon, the astronauts Raised the Flag in symbol of America’s historic accomplishment. Fittingly, the Ohio Quarters depicts an early aircraft and an astronaut.

New York State Quarter - Three Firefighters Raising the American Flag on the Ruins of the World Trade Center after the attacks of 9/11. One of the most famous photos in history.

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Raising The Flag Historic 3 Coin State Quarter Collection