Click to enlargeRency Art Justice League Colorized $2 Bill Hand Signed


TITLE: Justice League

YEAR: 2017

MEDIUM: Fine Art Giclee printed on Genuine $2 U.S. Bill

DIMENSIONS: 6" Length x 2.5" Height

EDITION: Hand-Signed by the artist Rency

Giclee on Genuine $2 Bill by Rency

Rency captures Justice League dramatic images

Feature saying: "With Liberty and Justice For All"

Blazing colors of graffiti pop art decorated this genuine $2 bill

Brings the subversive edge of graffiti and pop art to officially sanctioned currency

Hand-signed by artist Rency!

Follows in the footsteps of other famed street artists by remaining anonymous

Includes clear display holder (6x3)

Another beauty from RENCY. The colors are vibrant. The Giclee $2 Bill is in perfect condition and comes in a clear display holder (6"x 3").

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Rency Art Justice League Colorized $2 Bill Hand Signed