Click to enlargePikes Peak Gold - 5 Coin Set of Historical Replicas

24K Gold Plated Colorado Gold Rush Replicas! 

Between 1858 and 1861 over 100,000 people came to the region to seek their fortunes. Half of these returned home after not finding gold. The remaining 50,000 people needed protection and government. In 1861 Congress created the Colorado Territory.

The Cripple Creek mines have produced over half of Colorado's total gold production of 45 million ounces. This collection includes two replica gold coins and three gold bars of the Colorado Gold Rush.

These awesome replica coins are plated in 24K Gold for an authentic look! All coin reproductions are made of lead free pewter and have "COPY" stuck on the reverse in accordance with the Hobby Protection Act.

Made in the USA. Comes attached to a 7" x 5" Informational Card. Museum Quality.

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Pikes Peak Gold - 5 Coin Set of Historical Replicas