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The Athenian citizens were proud of their cultural identity, and conscious of the historical magnitude of their ideas. They believed their achievements would alter the history of all civilized people.

The Parthenon incorporates the best that was said, thought, and told in the architecture, art, and politics of contemporary Athens. The catalyst for their accomplishments was the development of democracy. For the first time, in history the  every citizen of a city was recognized as a significant entity and a considerable moving force.  

The Parthenon friezes  present the ancient gods in high relief. The citizens of Athens Citizens are executed in low relief. The Parthenon was built to enclose the statue of Athena, the patron of the city of Athens.  

The Athenians depicted Athena on their coins. This pin is a replica of an Athenean drachm. Struck 303 and 400 B.C. The the head of Athena faces right. (Sear 1840)

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The Parthenon Lapel Pin