Click to enlargeOperation Iraqi Freedom 5 Coin JFK Half Dollar Set

Operation Freedom JFK Half Collection

Dated the First Day of War: March 19, 2003

The manufacturer has stopped making these Limited Edition Sets a few years ago, and we got the last batch found in the warehouse!

These Operation Freedom Colorized Kennedy Half Dollars were created to honor all of America's armed forces - particularly those involved in Operation Freedom - who risk their lives every day to protect our liberty.

The colorizing is applied to the Kennedy side of the coin - leaving the Presidential seal on the reverse to be appreciated in its full original format. The design symbolizes America's war against terrorism. Best of all, the original coin designs can still be seen through the colorizing.

This is the mark of the world's highest quality colorizing, because it does not cover up the original designs.

This set includes five coins, four of which have been colorized with unique images of one person from each of the armed forces - the Marines, the Army, the Air Force and the Navy. The fifth coin has been left untouched.

The 2004 Kennedy Half Dollar is Genuine legal tender struck by the U.S. Mint.

Brilliant Uncirculated Condition. Coins come in air-tight acrylic coin holders.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

The Inscription around the edge says: "May God Bless our Country and All who Defend Her"

Limited Edition!

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Operation Iraqi Freedom 5 Coin JFK Half Dollar Set