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The Megalodon was the largest marine predatory fish living from 20 to 2 million years ago!

Its Greek scientific name, megadon. means "big tooth." The Megalodon had six rows of teeth up to 276 teeth at one time.

This prehistoric shark was a huge and hungry vertebrate. It grew up to 90 feet in length; weighed 80 tons; and ate 2,500 pounds of food a day. Megalodon had a biting power between 10.8 to 18.2 tons and had a primary diet of prehistoric whales and other large fish.

Megalodon populated the earth during the Pilocene and Miocene periods. Their fossils are found in every ocean.

Younger Megalodon fed closer to land, while adults, due to their size, hunted in the oceans up to 2 million years ago. There are several misconceptions about Megalodon.

Megalodon did not live at same time as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex was extinct 65 million years ago. Megalodon were living 20 million years ago.

Also, Megalodon were not alive at the same time as humans. Modern humans have been alive for 100,000 years. The front of this card shows a Megalodon with a diver as a size comparison. Tooth measures around 3" long!

Includes 1 resin museum-quality replica of a Megalodon Tooth mounted on a 5"x 7" card!

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Megalodon Tooth Replica