Click to enlargeMagna Graecia 450-323 BCE 5 Coin Set of Historical Replicas in 5" x 7" Frame

This historical set reviews the Classical art style found in the ancient Greek coinage of southern Italy and Sicily.

1. Akragas Silver Decadrachm Olympic Victory, 413 BCE to 406 BCE. Agrigentum was an important wealthy Sicilian city of the 5th century BCE.

2. Naxos Silver Tetradrachm, 461 BCE to 430 BCE. Naxos regained its independence from Greek tyrants. This early classical coin shows the Archaic style giving way to the more relaxed Classical style.

3. Syracuse Silver Tetradrachm by the Engraver Kimon, 413 BCE to 405 BCE. The 5th century engraver Kimon is recognized as one of the greatest artists in the Classical style of Greek art.

4. Syracuse Silver Decadrachm by the Engraver Euainetos, 413 BCE to 406 BCE. Euainetos was at the forefront of the high Classical style with its tension between idealism and realism.

5. Syracuse Silver Tetradrachm of King Agathokles, 317 BCE to 298 BCE. This late Classical style shows the further development of realism in faces and figures.

* Our Frames come with Easel to display on your Desktop or Shelf, or they can be Hung on your Wall.

* Coins are attached via removable glue dots and protected by a clear glass cover.

* Comes in a 5" x 7" display frame

* Select from Your Choice of 5 Different Frames

* All replica coins are double-sided and made of lead-free pewter

* Coins are marked "copy" on one side to conform to the Hobby Protection Act

* Made in the USA

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Magna Graecia 450-323 BCE 5 Coin Set of Historical Replicas in 5" x 7" Frame
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