Click to enlargeMarvel Captain America Colorized Tuvalu 2019 1 Oz. Silver Coin Ltd. 219

2019 1 oz Pure Silver Tuvalu CAPTAIN AMERICA BU Genuine Legal Tender Colorized Coin. Here is your chance to own a 2019 Tuvalu CAPTAIN AMERICA EDITION Genuine 1 oz Silver Coin. This 2019 1 oz Tuvalu features Captain America, who is the alter ego of Steve Rogers. As a gangly young man, Rogers was given an experimental Super-Soldier serum as part of a secret WWII-era U.S. Army project. The serum transformed the scrawny teen into the peak of human perfection with superhuman stamina, strength, and healing powers. Defending liberty and the ideals upon which America was built, this super soldier pulled up from the depths of World War II, stands firm against every foe that threatens those ideals. This high-quality genuine Legal Tender Tuvalu coin has been colorized to exact detail using a unique painstaking multicolor authentic process by the Merrick Mint.

Each coin comes in a premium coin capsule with a Certificate of Authenticity. With a limited issue of only 219 colorized coins, this spectacular silver piece bearing this legendary comic book character is an excellent addition to any coin collection and a treasured gift for any Marvel fan.

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Marvel Captain America Colorized Tuvalu 2019 1 Oz. Silver Coin Ltd. 219