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King John, born in 1167, a younger son of Henry II, succeeded to the throne in 1199 on the death of his brother Richard I "Coeur de Lion" (Lion Heart). The troubles of his reign culminated in the issue of the Magna Carta in 1215. He died the following year aged 59, leaving his eldest son, the 10-year old Henry III to succeed him.

King John was made Lord of Ireland in his father's lifetime and several coins were minted there in his name.

In his reign as King of England there were still many provincial mints as well as that in the Tower of London from which this coin comes.

The words inscribed around this replica coin are HENRICVS REX - ABEL ON LVNDE.

This coin has been cast in lead-free pewter and antique finished.

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King John 1205-1208 AD Penny Replica Coin