Click to enlargeThe Home Fitness Collection for LightWave 3D

This collection of 3D Content for LightWave 3D features an assortment of over 20 Exercise Models that one might find in a typical home environment, along with all necessary texture maps and scene files.

Each of these models is real-world scaled, fully textured, and animated where applicable. Each LightWave model is represented in a Scene file.

Textures and logos can be easily modified or replaced.

Truly "Plug-and-Play" 3D, you can integrate models from any of our ModelPacks easily and royalty-free into your own 3D scenes!!!

Note: These models and scenes were created in LightWave, so the 3D Max versions are converted from the LightWave versions.

Now Downloadable!

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The Home Fitness Collection for LightWave 3D

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