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The Great White shark is one of the largest marine predatory fish in the world!

Its Greek scientific name, carcharodon carcharias means 'sharp jagged teeth.' White sharks grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 5,000 pounds.

The Great White has extra rows of teeth behind the main ones. When it bites, the Great White shakes its head side to side, helping to saw off up to 30 pounds of flesh per bite. The shark delivers a bite force of 2 tons per foot. Great whites are found in every major ocean. They concentrate off the coasts of the United States, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and the Mediterranean. These marine ambush hunters prefer a diet of energy rich fat mammals. Their favorites prey include fish, fur seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, whales, sea otters and seabirds. 

Contrary to popular belief, great white sharks are not the 'ferocious man eater” as portrayed in the movie "Jaws".

We are primarily bone and muscle, so humans take too long to digest.

Since 2000, only 66 unprovoked great white attacks have been recorded. Of those attacks only 14 were fatal. Deaths were primarily from blood loss rather than organ failure. The front of this card shows a surface attack of a great white shark.

Includes 1 resin museum-quality replica of a Great White Shark Upper Principal Tooth mounted on a 5"x 7" card!

Tooth measures around 3" long!

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Great White Shark Tooth Replica