Click to enlargeGold Aureus of the 12 Caesars - Replica 12 Coin Set

The Rise of the Roman Empire: The Gold Aureus of the 12 Caesars that changed the World!

During the reign of Augustus, the Roman monetary system was dramatically reformed. The Gold Aureus was minted as a regular issue coin despite its high value.

The ancient Roman Gold Aureus was the highest denomination in the Roman Empire - it was equal to 25 Silver Denarii. Starting with Julius Caesar, the next 12 Emperors all adorned their coins in their own image.

In this great affordable replica collection plated in real 24K Gold, you can own replicas of all 12 Gold Aureus coins from the 12 Caesars!

Rear of card includes all information on each of these replica coins.

This Historical Replica Set includes twelve (12) double-sided Replica 24K Gold Plated coins!

These coins are REPLICAS and made of lead free pewter and richly plated in real 24K Gold.

Each coin is marked "COPY" on the reverse as required by the Hobby Protection Act. Made in the USA.

Comes attached to a large Deluxe 8" x 10" Informational Card.

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Gold Aureus of the 12 Caesars - Replica 12 Coin Set