Click to enlargeEl Camino Real - 4 Coin Set of Historical Replicas

This Historical Replica Set of El Camino Real includes 4 historical replicas of Spanish Silver Pillar Dollars used in trade in California!

The date of the coin is at the bottom of the coin. The reverse shows the Royal Shield of Castile with the mint mark and denomination to the left and right of the shield.

The denomination of the Pillar Dollars relate to the English system. One Real is equal to one English shilling or 12 1/2 cents US.

Two Reales equals $.25 cents; and Four Reales equals $.50 cents. The Pillar Dollar and Royal Bust Pesos were the predominant coinage of the United States until 1857.

This Historical Replica Set of double sided coins are made of lead-free pewter and have the word "COPY" struck on reverse of each coin in compliance with the Hobby Protection Act. Made in the USA.

Comes attached to a 5" x 7" Informational Card.

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El Camino Real - 4 Coin Set of Historical Replicas