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This ModelPack contains a working LightWave 3D model of an Elasmosaurus, an ancient marine reptile that lived from 70 - 65 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous Period.

Included are 10 LightWave models and 15 Scene files. All models are real-world scaled and textured.

Includes Morph Targets for both the High-resolution and the Low-resolution models for plug-and-play Facial Animation. Includes Bones for easy Body Animation and for Posing of this monster.

Each of the 4 hi-res models has 44,426 polygons, the 4 lo-res models have 24,578 polygons each. Also includes sample scenes for swimming, opening the mouth, closing the eyes and moving the pupils.

Download File Size: 4.06 MB

The Elasmosaurus
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