Click to enlargeEarly 1800's Bust Half Dollars - VF Condition

Dates Our Choice From The 1820's To 1836. Nice Original Very Fine Condition!

Bust Half Dollars are one of the the most sought after series of U.S. coins. Issued from 1794 to 1839, the series saw several design changes. For the first two years the obverse (front) design was a flowing hair style. In 1796 the draped bust style was adopted with a small eagle reverse (back). A heraldic Eagle reverse was used from 1801 to 1807 (no coins were issued from 1798-1800) and the capped bust type was struck from 1807-36. The reeded edge type finished out the series from 1838-39. The reeded edge coins were the only to be minted at more than one mint. Some of these carry an "O" mint mark for New Orleans. The same basic Bust design was also used on Half Dimes, Dimes, Quarters and Dollars.

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Early 1800's Bust Half Dollars - VF Condition