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Throughout the fifth century BCE Athens was the mistress of the Aegean world and the great political and cultural center of the ancient world. In 480 BCE the existing temple on the Acropolis of Athens was destroyed by the Persians. From 478 to 413 BCE Athens appropriated 5,000 talents of silver from Delian League funds.

A portion of these funds were used to rebuild and finance the largest building projects in Greece. This included the rebuilding of the Athenian temple on the Acropolis. In 447 BCE Pericles started construction of the new temple, the Parthenon.

Dedicated to Athena, its name most likely comes from the cult statue of Athena Parthenos, housed in the temple building. Surrounded by a colonnade, the main room contained the statue of Athena adorned with smaller statues depicting Athena' life.

This double sided coin is a reproduction of an original coin in a private collection and made of lead free pewter. In accordance with the Hobby Protection Act, the word "COPY" is struck on the obverse below the owl.

Made in the USA. Comes attached to an 5" x 7" Informational Card.

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The Coin That Built The Parthenon Historical Replica