Click to enlargeCoins of the Bible: Then Came The Morning - 4 Piece Set

This Historical Replica Set contains 3 Historically Accurate Replica Coins & large Roman Nail that would have been used during the time of Jesus for Crucifixions!

These are not real coins! They are historically accurate, reproductions of ancient, rare coins!

These 2-sided historically accurate replicas were made from original coins from the British Museum!

This Collection of Historically Accurate Replicas includes:

* Replica of Prutah of Pontius Pilate (26 CE to 36 CE)

* Replica of Herod Antipas (4 BCE to 40 CE) Tetrarch under Tiberius

* Replica of Shekel of Tyre (126 BCE to 70 CE)

* Replica of Roman Crucifixion Nail - approximately 5" long

Comes in 5" x 7" Clear Plastic holder with Coins, Roman Nail & Historical Info.

These high-quality replicas are historically accurate and the coins are molded on both sides and attached to the informational sheet via a soft, non-toxic glue that can be easily peeled off and discarded if you wish to move the coins to a different display.

All coins are manufactured to conform with the Hobby Act of 1974. All coin reproductions are marked COPY on the reverse side of the coin. Made in the USA.

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Coins of the Bible: Then Came The Morning - 4 Piece Set