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Coins of Ancient Rome & Greece - Replica 6 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card

Commemorating the Leaders of Ancient Greece and Rome!

This Historical Replica Set represents leading historical Greek and Roman leaders whose physical likeness appears on the coin's face. All six replicas were originally struck in silver. These double side coins are made of lead free pewter.

* Alexander The Great - This Tetradrachm was produced by Ptolemy I of Egypt in 320 B.C. honoring the great warrior king who at the time of his premature death in 323 B.C. had created by conquest the largest known empire. Alexander was a Macedonian Greek whose empire stretched from the Grecian shores of the Mediterranean Sea to India.

* Julius Caesar - The most famous of all Romans was Julius Caesar, a great military general, writer, and statesman who is credited with laying the foundation of the Roman Empire.

* Mark Anthony, Cleopatra VII, and Octavian (Augustus) - Following Caesar’s assassination a rivalry for control of Rome took place. With the death of Cleopatra, Egypt became a Roman province in 31 BCE. The Mark Anthony Cistphorus on its reverse shows the bust of Octavia flanked by two snakes. Cleopatra’s coin was probably made in Ascalon, Judea. It shows and eagle standing with closed wings. Augustus produced a vast number of coins. His Cistphorus depicts on the reverse a sphinx seated with the name of Augustus.

* Nero - Nero was the last emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty started by his great-great-grandfather, Augustus. The Nero Denarius issued two years before his death shows the personification of the goddess Salus enthroned.

This Historical Replica Set includes six (6) double-sided Museum-Quality Replica coins! These coins are replicas and made of lead free pewter. Each coin is marked "COPY" on the reverse as required by the Hobby Protection Act. Made in the USA. Comes attached to an 5" x 7" Informational Card.

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Coins of Ancient Rome & Greece - Replica 6 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card