Click to enlargeCoins of Ancient Greece - Replica 6 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card

This Historical Replica Set contain six artistic examples of two sided coins of ancient Greece minted from 735 to 300 BCE.

These coins were made for commerce by towns and city states throughout Greece and its colonies:

 * The first coin is a reproduction of a silver Dekarachm of Syracuse by the artist Kimon. The coin was minted between 405 and 380 BCE. This coin is considered one of the finest examples of the Classical Period of Greek art.

 * The second coin is a replica of the famous Athena Tetradrachm struck between 455 - 449 BCE. This coin is probably one of the most famous of all Greek coins.

 * The third coin in this Set is a copy of a silver Tetradrachm of Alexander the Great. Struck between 325 and 300 BCE. Alexander is credited with conquering and spreading Greek language and culture throughout the ancient world.

 * The fourth coin is a Tetradrachm of Gela, a prosperous Sicilian town during the last part of the 5th Century BCE. This coins was struck between 480 and 470 BCE

* This fifth coin is a reproduction of a Greek silver Tetradrachm of the city of Rhegium. The original was struck between 466 to 451 BCE

 * The final coin in this Set is a reproduction of a Tetradrachm of the ancient city of Naxos. This coin dates from 430 and 413 BCE

This Historical Replica Set includes six (6) double-sided Museum-Quality Replica coins! These coins are replicas and made of lead free pewter. Each coin is marked "COPY" on the reverse as required by the Hobby Protection Act. Made in the USA. Comes attached to an 5" x 7" Informational Card.

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Coins of Ancient Greece - Replica 6 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card