Click to enlargeComplete 13 Coin Westward Journey Nickel Set

Includes All 2004-2006 P+D Uncirculated Westward Journey Nickels In A Beautiful Deluxe Folder!

This set includes the 2004 P+D mint Louisiana Purchase Peace Medal and Keelboat nickels, 2005 P+D mint American Bison and Ocean In View nickels and the 2006 P+D mint Return To Monticello nickels.

Also included for each of the three years is an example showing the obverse design used for that year. Each coin is in hand picked uncirculated condition and comes housed in a beautiful and informative deluxe Harris folder.

Includes a free average circulated Buffalo nickel dated before 1938, bringing the total to 14 coins!

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Complete 13 Coin Westward Journey Nickel Set