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The Classical Zoo - Greek Colonies - Replica 5 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card

The Greek colonies in southern Italy and Sicily began using coins for trade in the middle of the 6th century B.C. When rulers of colonial city-states took control of minting, symbols of animals appeared on their coins. For example, the southern Italy colony of Sybaris minted coins decorated with an owl on the back (reverse). Animals were also used to identify the coins of specific regions of ancient Greece.

This Historical Collection includes two ancient animal coins of Greek colonies in southern Italy:

* Sybaris Stater - This stater was made between 530 and 510 BCE. Sybaris was founded in 720 BCE. It was the most richest and most important Greek colony in Italy until its destruction in 510 BCE.

* Didrachm of Taras 272-235 BCE. Taras was the most important Greek city-state in southern Italy.

This Collection also includes three animal coins of ancient Sicily:

* Tetradrachm of Myron 413 and 406 BCE. The city of Akragas was a Sicilian city of great wealth and importance. This is an excellent example of the Greek engraving art of Myron.

* Tetradrachm of Akragas 430 to 413 BCE.

* Tetradrachm of Massara 425-396 BCE

This Historical Replica Set includes five (5) double-sided Museum-Quality Replica coins! These coins are replicas and made of lead free pewter. Each coin is marked "COPY" on the reverse as required by the Hobby Protection Act. Made in the USA. Comes attached to an 5" x 7" Informational Card.

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The Classical Zoo - Greek Colonies - Replica 5 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card