Circulated Liberty Nickel Rolls

40 Coins - Good Or Better Condition

Dated 1912 And Earlier!

Liberty or "V" nickels were issued from 1883-1912. It was a series not without controversy.

The first coins issued did not have the word "Cents" on them, just A large Roman numeral "V". Some unscrupulous individuals got the idea to gold plate the coins and then pass them off as $5.00 gold pieces! These "Racketeer" nickels can still be found today. Though no 1913 liberty nickels were officially issued, somehow five left the mint.

These rarities were highly prized right from the start with offers to pay several hundred dollars (a huge sum in those days) usually yielded no results.

Though decades can pass between offerings, If one were sold today, it would most likely bring several million dollars.

These rolls contain coins in good or better condition. Dates are our choice and will generally range from 1900-1912 with some pre 1900 years occasionally found.

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Circulated Liberty Nickel Rolls