Camelot for LightWave 3D

Where the Dark Ages come to life!

Camelot brings the mystery and chivalry of the Middle Ages to LightWave 3D.

This collection contains a wealth of objects, textures, preset scene files with animation and sample renders.

You can easily create animations and render beautiful images with the press of a button!!!

Features a complete Medieval English castle circa 1200 AD.

Includes royal apartments, gatehouses, functional drawbridge with portcullis, kitchen, great hall, blacksmith shop, stables, chapel, five 5-story towers, etc!!!

Load in any of the models from our other Medieval Collections to quickly populate or light up your Castle.

Camelot is the most unique LightWave Collection in our arsenal!

Now Downloadable!

Download File Size: 63,377 KB

Camelot for LightWave 3D

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