Click to enlargeBritish Conder Tokens from the 1700's

Conder Tokens are probably the most popular of the English Token series.

They were widely collected 200 years ago, and are still avidly collected today. During the 1790's there was a shortage of small change in Britain until private merchants started having their own large pennies struck.

Thousands of different designs were issued and the social, economic, and political lives of the people during the 1780-1800 period are mirrored on these coins.

These coins are called "Conder" tokens, after James Conder, an early author on the series, though many mistakenly call them "Condor" tokens. The fact that some feature different birds adds to the confusion. Some Conder tokens found their way into circulation in the U.S. and are included in the Red Book under colonial coins.

Though they are not necessarily rarer than the coins we offer here, the coins listed in the Red Book generally command hundreds of dollars in similar grades. Each of our Conder tokens will be in at least VF condition. All are attributed and come housed in a 2x2 holder.

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British Conder Tokens from the 1700's