Click to enlargeBlack Nickel Clad Enigma JFK Half Dollar 2 Coin Set

Includes Both P-Mint and D-Mint Coins Featuring the BLACK NICKEL COLORIZED ENIGMA EDITION 2015 JFK Kennedy Half Dollar U.S. 2-Coin Set which includes both Philadelphia and Denver Mintage. To highlight the original coin design, the Merrick Mint has clad the coin entirely in BLACK NICKEL with an exclusive COLORIZED JFK Portrait on the coin obverse. These uncirculated legal tender U.S. coins are not in general circulation and are not available in any bank.

Each coin comes in a premium coin capsule. The 2-coin set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee that your coins are authentic.

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Black Nickel Clad Enigma JFK Half Dollar 2 Coin Set