Click to enlargeAthena Parthenos - Replica Spear Head & 2 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card

In The Description of Greece, the ancient geographer Pausanias describes the Athena Parthenos: “The statue itself is made of ivory, silver, and gold. On the middle of her helmet is placed a likeness of the Sphinx. . . and on either side of the helmet are griffins in relief.

The statue of Athena is upright with a tunic reaching to the feet, and on her breast the head of Medusa is worked in ivory. She holds a statue of Victory about four cubits high, and in the other hand a spear. At her feet lies a shield and near the spear is a serpent. On the pedestal is the birth of Pandora in relief.”

This historical set includes two of Greek coins:

The top coin obverse displays a replica of a silver Tetradrachm of Lysmachos (323 to 283 BCE). The bottom coin shows a Tetradrachm of Ptolomy 1 (302 to 283 BCE).

This Historical Replica Set includes two (2) double-sided Museum-Quality Replica coins! This set also includes a non-toxic resin reproduction of a Greek spear head. These coins are replicas and made of lead free pewter. Each coin is marked "COPY" on the reverse as required by the Hobby Protection Act. Made in the USA. Comes attached to an 5" x 7" Informational Card.

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Athena Parthenos - Replica Spear Head & 2 Coin Set on a 5" x 7" Display Card