Click to enlargeAlexander The Great - Gold Edition Set in Velvet Pouch

The collection includes 4 24K Gold Plated Coins!

These are not original, ancient Greek coins.

These are accurate, 24K Gold Plated reproductions made from pewter.

The coins are reproductions of famous coins from the time of Alexander The Great!

Alexander The Great (July 356-June 323 BCE) was King of Macedonia and most of the known world from 336-323 BCE.

He died young at the age of 33 and was probably murdered. Alexander was also well educated, having Aristotle as one of his teachers.

These coins are all cast and plated in the USA.

These coins are cast from Pewter and richly plated in 24K Gold.

Coins come in Velvet Pouch

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Alexander The Great - Gold Edition Set in Velvet Pouch