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This Legendary Rank Has Been Achieved By Only 5 Men!

Each $2 Bank Note is Genuine Authentic Legal Tender United States Currency, which features Thomas Jefferson and the famous portrait of the signing of the 1776 Declaration of Independence!

This $2 Bill has been Enhanced at a private mint. Each Bill comes displayed in a blue folio with certificate of authenticity included.

Each $2 Bill is in Fresh, Crisp, Uncirculated condition and was directly removed from untouched wrapped sealed Bills.

This series of Enhanced $2 Bills commemorates important people and events in the past.

Commemorating "5-Star Generals" on a legal tender U.S. Mint $2 Bill!

History of the Rank

The five star general rank was created in the midst of World War II to address the fact that several American commanders found themselves in the delicate position of supervising Allied officers of higher rank. Initially, the new rank was to be called Field Marshal, after the British military, but this was nixed due to stern (and quite understandable) objections from General George C. Marshall. There have been no officers appointed to the rank of General of the Army since Omar Bradley. The rank of General of the Army is still maintained as a rank of the U.S. military, and could again be bestowed, most likely during a time of major war, pending approval of the United States Congress. United States military policy since the creation of a fifth star in World War II has been to award it only when a commander of U.S. forces must be equal to or of higher rank than commanders of armies from another nation under his control. However, Congress and the President may award a fifth star at any time they see fit.

Honor Handed Out at Wartime During the Most Extreme of Circumstances

General is the top rank in most any army of the world and almost always represents a high-ranking official who has dedicated his career to the military. The United States military maintains several ranks within the general rank and this position can go as high as a "5 Star General" when the situation warrants it. Note that the Army rank of 5 Star General is only specifically handed out at wartime during the most extreme of circumstances as it was to the men listed below during both World War 2 and the Korean War (their awarding date follows their name). Obviously, there are none in today's military.

Generals Featured:

George C. Marshall (16 Dec. 1944) Douglas MacArthur (18 Dec. 1944) Dwight D. Eisenhower (20 Dec. 1944) Henry H. Arnold (21 Dec. 1944) Omar Bradley (20 Sep. 1950)

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5-Star Generals Colorized Commemorative $2 Bill