Click to enlarge50 U.S. State Novelty Bills

These 50 U.S. State Novelty Bills

A great addition to any U.S. State Quarter Collection!!!

These Novelty Bills retail for around $1 each, but we were able to put together the whole collection for you at a great price!

Each State Bill is an authentic-looking 2-sided bill about the same size as a dollar bill!

The Front of the Bill shows the year that it was incorporated into the union, and also a photograph of the first governor of that State.

The Rear of the note shows the design of the State Quarter, and also the State Bird, State Flower, State Tree & Animal, including the State's Slogan.

Each note is a real work of art!

We have already put these complete 50 State sets together for you!

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

50 U.S. State Novelty Bills