Click to enlarge22 Karat Gold Leaf $2 Bill

This is the Private Release of new gilded 22 Karat Gold leaf U.S. Government $2 Bills.

Rich $2 Bills gilded with precious 22 Karat Gold Leaf!

Only 1% of bank notes printed are $2 bills, which makes them rarely ever seen in circulation. This scarcity makes the $2 a very important bank note to won especially since it is gilded with genuine 22 Karat Gold leaf.

Each bill is painstakingly gold gilded to the finest detail using the highest technology adding to its historic value as a true certified Limited Edition collectible.

Each $2 bill is in Fresh, Crisp, Uncirculated condition and was directly removed from untouched wrapped sealed Bills.

These special genuine gold leaf $2 Bills are being released in individually protective plastic holder with a full-color Certificate of Authenticity.

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Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

22 Karat Gold Leaf $2 Bill