Click to enlarge2020 Year of the Rat Dual Eights 2 Bill Set LTD 8888

Limited Release, Special Issue - The Rat is one of 12 zodiac symbols associated with the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Some people believe their fate is closely tied to the zodiac symbols in the year in which they were born. This Lucky Money Note Set contains a Genuine Legal Tender Federal Reserve uncirculated $1 note and uncirculated $2 note…both magnificently featuring 8 Gold Matching Rat's in Holographic Gold. This product is limited and NUMBERED to 8,888 sets worldwide (see photo of the numbering). To further enrich this product, the Set of 2 U.S. “Year of the Rat” Gold Matching Dual 8’s Legal Tender Bills come packaged together in an exclusive Red NUMBERED Envelope with beautiful Gold Leaf stamping which is a symbol of energy, happiness, and good luck.

This New Year, give a gift of good fortune to family and friends with the Dual 8’s Lucky Money Note Set, which is enclosed in an attractive Red NUMBERED folder festively adorned with Chinese symbolism, capturing the significance of the New Year. May the “Year of the Rat” note set bring you the ultimate luck. This is the most limited set ever produced and the luck it will bring will be of great fortune and success.

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2020 Year of the Rat Dual Eights 2 Bill Set LTD 8888