Click to enlarge2004 Louisiana Purchase Nickel Westward Journey 5-Coin Set

Featuring the 2004 LOUISIANA PURCHASE NICKEL COLLECTION which is part of the Westward Journey Nickel Series.

The complete 5-coin set that you will receive will feature 5 different versions of the same coin including 3 enhancements by the Merrick Mint in spectacular Colorization, Hologram, and 24K Gold Plated.

To complete your 5-coin set, you will also receive an uncirculated Philadelphia Mint coin and Denver Mint coin. The everlasting enhanced coins are ultra-high quality collectibles. Each coin is genuine legal tender of the United States.

Each coin features an obverse image of President Jefferson and reverse rendition image of the original Indian Peace Medal commissioned for Lewis and Clark's expedition. The 5-Coin Set comes displayed on a die-cut display with beautiful artwork sealed in acrylic airtight case.

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2004 Louisiana Purchase Nickel Westward Journey 5-Coin Set