Click to enlarge2005 American Bison Nickel Westward Journey 5 Coin Set

Featuring the 2005 AMERICAN BISON NICKEL COLLECTION which is part of the Westward Journey Nickel Series.

The complete 5-coin set that you will receive will feature 5 different versions of the same coin including 3 coins enhanced by the Merrick Mint in spectacular Colorization, Hologram, and 24K Gold Plated.

To complete your 5-coin set, you will also receive an uncirculated Philadelphia Mint coin and Denver Mint coin. The everlasting enhanced coins are ultra-high quality collectibles. Each coin is genuine legal tender of the United States. Each coin features a new obverse image of President Jefferson and reverse image of the American bison, recognizing the American Indians and wildlife encountered by the Lewis and Clark expedition.

The 5-Coin Set comes displayed on a die-cut display with beautiful artwork sealed in acrylic airtight case.

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2005 American Bison Nickel Westward Journey 5 Coin Set