Click to enlarge1870's U.S. Trade Dollars - VF Condition

United States Trade Silver Dollars were minted from 1873-1885.

These coins were issued solely for circulation in the Orient to compete with dollar sized coins from other countries. Trade Dollars weigh slightly more than than a standard U.S. silver dollar and many of the examples that circulated in the Orient were counter-stamped with characters known as "chop marks".

The "chop marked" coins generally bring less than the normal examples we offer here.

Trade Dollars were struck at three mints: Philadelphia, San Francisco and Carson City.

Examples minted from 1879 to 1885 were struck in proof format only.

The 1884 and 1885 dated Trade Dollars are extremely rare and are considered two of the rarest United States coins. The coins we offer here are in very fine (VF) condition which means that there will be moderate wear but all the coin's major details will be clear.

Dates offered are of our choice.

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1870's U.S. Trade Dollars - VF Condition