Click to enlarge1800's Seated Half Dimes

Dates Range From 1838-1874

Nice Original Very Good to Fine Condition!

Seated half dimes were a long running series. Issued from 1837 to 1873 the series saw several minor design changes. For the first two years the obverse (front) design was just a seated liberty figure, later in 1838 stars were added around liberty. In 1853 arrows were added at the date (to make the coins heavier!) These were removed in 1856.

In 1860 the stars were replaced with "United States Of America" around liberty (which was previously on the reverse). The wreath on the reverse (back) was also enlarged and enhanced at that time. The design remained unchanged until production ceased in 1873.

Three mints were used to strike these, they were Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco. The same basic design was also used on Dimes, Twenty Cent pieces, Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollars. While there are many easily collectible dates of seated half dimes, rarities do exist (unfortunately none are included in the group offered here). The 1870-S is one of the rarest United States coins and is currently valued at one million dollars!

The seated half dimes offered here are in very good to fine condition. The main standard (though not the only one) for grading these (and most other seated coinage) in circulated condition is the word liberty on the shield located on the obverse.

To be considered fine the word liberty must be complete, while the very good examples should show at least three letters in the word "liberty".

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1800's Seated Half Dimes